The purchase of insurance to protect oneself and their family from the unfortunate risks that we might face in life can be daunting and complex.  At Rethink Financial we are focused on making certain that our clients are provided with all the options and knowledge to make informed decisions.

Currently, the market for insurance has never been better for buyers as there have been downward pressures on prices over the past 10 years. Even if you have an insurance program in place it is very likely that we can find something better with today’s rates and product features.

Some Personal Insurance Types Are:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness & Cancer Insurance
  • Individual Health and Dental

Rethink Financial and Insurance Services provides a broad range of insurance products issued by large reputable Canadian insurance companies  for its clients.

Types of FInancial Insurance

Disability insurance


Your income is your most important asset, and the best method of insuring this asset is a disability/income replacement policy. Individual disability insurance is meant to replace one’s income during a disability due to injury or illness. Benefits would be paid on a monthly tax-free basis for as long as you remain disabled. Generally, these policies try to replace approximately 85% of a person’s normal “take-home-pay,”

At the time of purchase, you will need to decide upon the following contract provisions:

  • The monthly benefit payable
  • At what point the benefit should become payable
  • How long benefits should be paid for

Once issued, most individual disability insurance policies will provide certain guarantees; examples include:

  • Prior to age 65, premiums can never be increased
  • The plan runs to age 65
  • The monthly benefit can never be reduced even if your income at time of claim is lower than at time of issue

Rethink Financial works with you to design a plan which suits your needs.


life insurance

Life Insurance provides immediate cash upon the death of insured individual; this cash can be used to:  

  • Pay off business and personal debt
  • Provide income and capital to support surviving family members
  • Fund the transfer of a business to succeeding parties or to equalize family member inheritance
  • Enable the business to hire replacement key people
  • Satisfy business and personal liabilities to CRA
  • Provide gifts of capital to a favorite charity or foundation


Common Questions asked by Clients:

How much life insurance do I really need?
Do I need term life or whole life?
What is Universal Life?
How can I take care of the taxes my estate must pay after my death?

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critical illness insurance


Health Insurance provides financial support upon the diagnosis of a covered impairment or prolonged medical incapacity.

It optimizes your chance of making a full and complete recovery from a disease, accident or medical condition by providing:
• A lump sum of cash to pay for immediate out-of-country care, modifications to your home to improve access and quality of living or to replace lost income
• Funds to cover your business for hiring a replacement employee, to meet debt obligations or to fund the buyout of your shares

The research is clear – people are living longer. And the longer we live, the more likely we are to develop a critical illness, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke.

Critical illness insurance is designed to fill the gap between life insurance and disability benefits. Unlike disability benefits, which are usually paid out monthly over time, critical illness insurance offers an immediate lump sum payment which can help you handle your pressing financial obligations, such as your mortgage, as well as medical expenses which might be incurred.  Also, Critical Illness insurance will pay the benefit even if you are still working or return to work. 

These products include many different contract provisions and can be complicated take make sense of; we are here to help guide clients to purchasing the correct policy for their circumstances; goals and budget.




Individual Health and Dental

At Rethink Financial we offer the full range of health and dental insurance products found in Canada and we can work to design any program to suit your needs and budget.

If you are self employed or a small business owner we can also create Self Funded / Cost Plus arrangements.

Individual extended health coverage (EHC), dental insurance products and Cost Plus arrangements act as a supplement for Canada’s universal, provincially delivered, healthcare services.

Your province of residence is important, as there are differences in provincial programs and this is factored into the premium ratings for individual health and dental plans.

Each individual’s circumstances will be different. Some individuals consider individual and extended health/dental coverage because they are self employed. Others may have just left your employment and would like a continuation of benefits. And there are also those that are in retirement and want to make sure they remain covered.