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Investing at Rethink

For many, investment planning is the most complex, and at times intimidating aspect of financial planning. Understanding the jargon and lingo used by the media, financial advisors and friends and family can be like learning a foreign language.

At Rethink Financial, we see the basis for proper investment planning two-fold.

The first step is to ensure our clients have the information they need to make informed decisions. 

The second step is to develop an investment strategy uniquely tailored to your risk tolerance and goals. We’ll help you build an investment portfolio that maximizes your return while maintaining a comfortable risk level. Once your strategy is in place, we’ll undertake a detailed and independent review of the alternatives available, and recommend funds suitable to your needs based on their past performance, and future potential.

If you feel your portfolio might need an update, we’d be happy to sit down with you and make some recommendations.

Evaluation of Client

Through a process of discovery and listening we will develop an understanding for your risk profile; your hopes and dreams; and personal attitudes and preferences. We can then create the correct individualized investment mix that is tailored to the client.

Evaluation of Investments

Through research and evaluation we are able to connect clients with the investments that best represent a client’s needs with their actual risk profile.  We are always here to help clients understand what it is they are or will be invested.

There is a quantifiable value of having an Investment Advisor provide guidance, expertise and stewardship to a personal investment portfolio.

Rethink Financial is there with you every step of the way; helping to provide information; suggestions; and sometimes an added push to help keep you on track to the goals you have set.

Retirement Planning & Implementation 

Retirement Planning

For some it may seem a long time away and for others it is just around the corner; yet some are already retired. Whichever category you find yoruself in Rethink Financial can help provide the best outcome. 

Measure Twice; Cut Once

This is your retirement we are talking about.   It is important to revisit any plan that is put in place and rethink it; is it appropriate for current life and world situations.  

Will it Be Enough?

A well crafted retirement plan that is implemented appropriately will help to secure income in retirement when necessary.  Rethink Financial has a wide variety of financial instruments and products to use to help provide clients the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to retirement.